– paintless dent repair used for dozens of years at car factories where production line damage is removed in this way. Now this technology is available also to individual clients.

My team of technicians

for has gained experience for over two years, both in Poland and abroad. DUFAŁ offers comprehensive car body dent removal with using a revolutionary method for reconstruction of car bodies without painting which is not possible using traditional tinsmithand painting techniques.

The original shape of the body

is restored using specialist tools which make it possible to remove deformations. Dents are gradually and precisely pushed out from the inner side of the body panel with special tools without any damage to original paint layer. Use of traditional methods for repair bears a risk that after painting the hue will be different. PDR-technology preserves an original color of the paint and adds no additional paint layer to the body.


  • powierzchnia karoserii jest gładka i nie dochodzi do załamywania światła;
  • koszt naprawy nie przekracza 50% ceny blacharki i lakierowania;
  • czas naprawy jest znacznie krótszy niż w tradycyjnych naprawach blacharsko‑ lakierniczych;
  • 100% skuteczności.